Joanna Bayer



Joanna is an ever-evolving student of bread. She believes there is always something new and exciting to learn about dough and the baking of it. The best way to do that, she’s found, is to take a tried and true recipe, and bake it again and again—discovering the small intricacies, and advancing the technique. It’s an ongoing relationship!

Most recently Joanna was at Baked in KC, and before then, at Cerner and Grandma’s Office Catering.

Joanna’s love language: words of affirmation. Tell her, “That’s the best ______ I’ve ever had!” Try her bread, and you’ll find it comes naturally to you.

Current Classes

December 15 @ 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Holiday Brioche with Joanna Bayer

Joanna is an instructor at KCA and an ever-evolving student of bread. She spends her time learning new techniques to perfect the art of bread-making. During this class, you will … Continued