Ashley Foy-Price

Chef & Class Coordinator , Kearney Culinary Academy


Wildly passionate about food, it’s not uncommon for Ashley to whisper sweet nothings to a gorgeous biscuit or sing to a smokey custard. Tenured in the hospitality industry, she has worked over 16 years in the business—with nearly 9 years spent in the pastry department. Cutting her teeth at Lidia’s KC, she has been with Lidia’s Pittsburgh, Room 39 Midtown, Il Trullo, Trezo Mare and Webster House. With Italian food near to her heart, her approach to the culinary arts is heavily influenced by a favorite Italian Proverb: “Il meglio è nemico del bene,” meaning “Perfection is the enemy of good.” To her, the only surefire way to ruin a pastry is to overthink it; Toeing the line between unbridled creativity and perfection is the sweet spot.

Ashley graduated from Johnson County Community College, grew up in KCK and is currently homeschooling a spunky 7 year old daughter. Her husband of 13 years is Sean Price, and they work surprisingly well in the kitchen together. They, only on occasion, argue about measuring in grams versus ounces.

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